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Insurance vs. No Insurance While Moving

What should I do in regards to buying Insurance while Moving?

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Moving Insurance vs. Moving Valuation

We suggest you contact your home owners insurance and get professional advise from an insurance expert. Make sure you understand the difference between moving insurance and moving valuation.

Moving insurance is going to an outside vendor or insurance company and actually purchasing an insurance policy through that insurance company. Once purchased you should receive an actual insurance policy from the company.

Moving valuation is something the moving company is selling you or increasing your moving rates based on increased value. When you purchase moving valuation coverage directly through the mover, the moving company is increasing it's liability to a certain dollar amount per lbs. vs. the standard . 60 cents per lbs. damage coverage. Make sure you fully understand and ask the moving company how much valuation per lbs. the shipment has, when the valuation is increased. Understand valuation is not to be confused with insurance.

Our most recent customer Gary S. quoted "When I chose a competing company of Superior Moving & Storage, for my last move, there were multiple damages" Gary asked, what could I do to protect myself ?  We advised Gary S. that unlike a lot of other moving & storage companies, Superior Moving has a policy for it's movers to pad and wrap all the furniture before moving it. This added protection of blanket wrapping the furniture helps ensure a damage free move. We also advised Gary S. to call the moving insurance company directly and to ask a lot of questions regarding and understanding his insurance options. Remember all moving companies in Florida are regulated and insure the household goods for .60 cents per lbs. unless additional coverage is chosen and purchased through the insurance company.

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