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Find insurance for your move? Superior Move will help

Superior Moving & Storage offers full replacement insurance. All of your items can be fully insured for Full Replacement Value.

The State of Florida, Department of Agriculture, Broward County Consumer Affairs, Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs, as well Dade County Consumer Affairs, have put strict guidelines in place for insurance options offered by moving companies.

The current regulated insurance option is .60 per pound, per article. This means any licensed and insured moving company, operating in the state of Florida, with a Florida registration number, must provide to the consumer, free of charge, .60 per pound, per article of coverage. What does this mean?


If you have a television that weighs 100lbs and option for the FREE COVERAGE, your value would be:

100lbs x .60 cents = $60.00

If you choose to have the free coverage the insurance company will only pay you $0.60 cents per pound per article.

At Superior Moving and Storage

You have another option. This option fully protects your items, as per the declared value you choose for each item.

Most small or under-established moving and storage companies are not able to offer this level of insurance protection. If you would like to know more about this protection, please take the link provided below. You will find valuable information about fully protecting your items.


Rest assured, whether you choose full replacement value or basic insurance coverage, Superior Moving and Storage will use extreme care when handling your items. All furniture will be completely wrapped in sanitized movers pads. All upholstered furniture will be safely shrink- wrapped for protection from dirt and damage.

No matter your choice of insurance, all items will be given the same care as if they were our own.

Florida Reg# IM492 - Broward Reg# 22 -
Palm Beach Reg# M01-0060 - US DOT# 837931 - MC# 370277