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Freight Division

Welcome to Superior Freight Transportation Division for 20 Years Superior has provided outstanding freight services. From trucking freight across the state or country to shipping containers across the ocean, customers trust Superior worldwide with over 1 million shipments every year! This freight shipping volume allows us to get the best freight rates available from the nation’s top carriers.

Superior Freight Division, long known for its safety-first culture, continues to emphasize safety, security and compliance. And our state-of-the art technology provides you with top notch service. At Superior Freight Division, we’re committed to providing you with the most reliable transportation and logistics services in the global market.

Our commitment to excellence has given us an unparalleled reputation for honest business practice, competitive rates and extraordinary service.

At superior our team of Freight specialists understands the importance of quality service and on-time deliveries. Trust us to get your freight delivered on time and in perfect condition.

53’ Air ride 102” width trailers, these large tractor trailers are the pride of our fleet. They are kept in spotless condition and peek mechanical performance. They stretch 80' across the road, prominently displaying our logo and insuring our excellent reputation.

Whatever your transportation logistics needs – Superior Freight Division is here to help.

Contact Operations Management for any information on our Freight Division.


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