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Common Mistakes Movers do while Moving

Garage items:  When making a local or long distance move across the country or even going into storage, garage items need to be packed properly for a move. First, go through all of your items to be moved, and eliminate any items you no longer need or don't use. This will lighten the load for the moving company and will save you money on your moving services. Especially if moving long distance or moving into storage, the less items you are moving the more money you save on  your moving cost. Determine what size box to use. for heavy tools and nuts and bolts pack in a small box also known to movers as 1.5 or book boxes. Toys and larger bulky garage items pack in a large box, also known to movers as a 4.5 box. Always size up the items you are going to be packing for the move, before determining what size moving box to use. Remember when using professional movers to move you long distance or local everything needs to be packed and ready for the move. All boxes should be flat and sealed with packing tape and labeled to where the movers need to place the boxes on the destination of your move.

When a professional mover is hired, the movers should be padding and wrapping all the furniture before it leaves the home. A common mistake is when an estimate is low-balled or does not account for the correct amount of time.

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Beware of very Low Moving Price Quotes!

Understand when you shop for the absolute lowest prices sometimes the movers will rush the job or not take the time to properly move the shipment.

It is very important for the movers to carefully pad and wrap each item they are moving. This would be consistent with both local and long distance moves. Each piece of furniture should be padded and wrapped, prior to it leaving your home. This will help ensure  the item remains damage free from scratches or gouges when moving.

Seth called Superior Moving & Storage asking if he could pack opened bottles and food items from his pantry on his long distance move. A common mistake of customers moving both locally and long distance is packing opened bottles or jars. If you pack opened bottles or jars sometimes these items can leak and cause damage to items loaded underneath them. Do not pack any opened bottles or jars, always discard items that have been opened and are not sealed properly. Make sure you use plenty of bubble wrap and paper padding when wrapping breakable items.

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